Mission & Business

Inox Mecc prerogative is to be a supply chain reference point for the client, by offering a series of additional services as product guarantee, in order to make itself incomparable for other competitors in terms of price and quality.
Customer partner from the preliminary phases of the business negotiations, the technical sales engineers collaborate with consultants in the evaluation of project criticalities and together they suggest to the client the optimal solutions in terms of costs, applications and fulfilment.
We supply our products according to the customer real needs and we guarantee the highest quality and the compliance with the specifications required for materials, processes and certificates.
Care and attention to details, consolidated knowledge of the sector and production flexibility are the company strengths. INOX MECC is therefore positioned among the leaders for the production of Oil & Gas valves components.
The engineering companies and the main final users of the Energy, Chemical and Petrochemical sectors use Inox Mecc components in valves supplied and designed for plants located in different areas of the world, from North to South America, Europe, Russia and Middle East.
INOX MECC is also consolidating the existing business relations with historic European and extra-European customers and it is looking for new opportunities by investing in new sales resources to broaden its horizons to the global emerging markets.