INOX MECC has a 6000 square meters area exclusively dedicated to the supply and stocking of raw materials. The objective is to offer our customers immediate availability of raw materials in order for the manufacturing process to be scheduled the very moment the order is received.
The wide range of available materials include standard stocks such as AISI 410, 316 and 304 steels, as well as more special metals and alloys such as duplex, superduplex, titanium, nickel alloys (Inconel 625, Inconel718) and hastelloy. Each material is 100% certified by a warranty of traceability indicating the casting batch and PMI (Positive Material Identification) for delivery and pick- up admission.
INOX MECC colour and bar-coding system is organized to efficiently optimize warehouse management and to ensure the actual identity of all the raw materials in stock: all the bars, billets, sheets and tubes in our warehouse are identified by the steel mill and heat number.
The code indicating each casting batch is univocally paired with the individual casting number of the material, the manufacturer and the certificate of origin. This way, when materials are brought inside or taken outside our facilities, a PMI (Positive Material Identification) Control is carried out utilizing x-ray technology, which is the only way to effectively detect any identification or blend error.
The company is equipped with three PMI instruments, two at the raw material warehouse check-in and one at the Quality Control Department check-out.