Our passion is on RAMICE

Inox Mecc’s passion for valves solutions comes back on the top magazine of the sector, with an advertisement studied to amaze the readers. Indeed, on RAMICE we present ourselves with an evocative image: a blue heart with 4 valves, which reveals all the enthusiasm and the readiness we put in the designing valves components and accessories for the Oil & Gas sector, made-to-measure on our customers’ requests.
This philosophy made us one of the protagonists of the market, recognised both for the organisation, flexibility, efficiency of the production and for the technical quality specifications concerning materials, processes and certificates. Because our passion is all for valves solutions.

Inox Mecc è oggi una Manifattura 4.0.

Inox Mecc, attraverso il suo progetto di innovazione realizzato nel corso del 2018 con il supporto delle provviste di Regione Lombardia, ha raggiunto l’obiettivo che si era prefissata: diventare a tutti gli effetti una fabbrica intelligente.

Inox Mecc is proud to celebrate the birthday of VALVEcampus Association of which it is a member.

VALVEcampus is an Italian association of manufacturers of industrial valves and components used in the Oil&Gas and Power Industries.
Visit the VALVEcampus website to view all its initiatives

PETROLSEAL division area

We are glad to announce you the opening of a new production division exclusively dedicated to sealing systems for Oil & Gas applications.